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Mountain Quail
(Oreortyx pictus)

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Mountain Quail

Oreortyx pictus
Photo by Dan Cowell

Scientific Information

Other Names: Mountain Partridge, Painted Quail, Plumed Quail

Subspecies: Five according to Johnsgard:
Sierra Mountain Quail Oreortyx pictus pictus,
Coast Mountain Quail O. p. palmeri,
San Pedro Mountain Quail O. p. confinis,
Desert Mountain Quail O. p. eremophila,
Pallid Mountain Quail O. p. russelli.

Range: Western North America; from Washington south to northern Baja California, introduced into western Idaho.

Habitat: Mixed evergreen forests and woodlands.

Status in Wild: Wild populations of Mountain Quail are stable and are popular with hunters in the west.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Kevin Chou; 2, Mark Wagoner; 3, Jim Riddle; 4, Bud & RoxAnn Riggs.

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