Spot-bellied Bobwhite

(Colinus leucopogon)

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Colinus leucopogon
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Scientific Information

Other Names:

Subspecies: White-faced Bobwhite, C. l. leucopogon - eastern El Salvador; Dickey's Bobwhite, C. l. dickeyi - Costa Rica; White-breasted Bobwhite, C. l. incanus - southern Guatemala; White-breasted Bobwhite, C. l. hypoleucus - western El Salvador; Leland's Bobwhite, C. l. leylandi - Honduras; Sclater's Bobwhite, C. l. sclateri - Nicaragua.

Range: Central America, southern Guatemala to Costa Rica.

Habitat: Scrub and open grasslands.

Brief Description: leucopogon and incanus - Overall similar to the Northern Bobwhite, both sexes with spotted underparts compared to the streaking in Colinus virginianus; hypoleucos - white extends from throat to breast and belly; dickeyi - darker that mentioned races, throat mottled black and white, pronounced spooting on the sides and belly; sclateri and leylandi - throat and face much darker than the other races.

Status in Wild: Not well known, but believed to be stable in most areas of the range and common in Costa Rica.

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