Gambel's Quail

(Callipepla gambelii)

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Callipepla gambelii
Photo by Dan Cowell

Scientific Information

Other Names: Gambel Quail, Desert Quail, Top-knot Quail, Arizona Quail

Subspecies: Paul Johnsgard describes seven subspecies, all of which are similar and I don't believe that the subspecies are differetiated in captive populations. C. g. gambelii, C. g. sana, C. g. igoscens, C. g. pembertoni, C. g. fulvipectus, C. g. stephensi, C. g. friedmanni.

Range: Southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. Gambel's Quail have also been successfully introduced to Lanai and Hawaii in the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Habitat: Arid desert scrub.

Status in Wild: The wild population in the US is considered stable despite habitat loss and being extensively hunted.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1-2, Myles Lamont; 3-4, Dan Cowell.


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