Valley Quail

(Callipepla californica)

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Valley Quail

Callipepla californica
Photo by Bruce Craig

Scientific Information

Other Names: California Quail, Catalina Quail, Crested Quail, San Lucas Quail, San Quintin Quail, Top-knot Quail.

Subspecies: Johnsgard describes eight subspecies: Valley California Quail (C. c. californica), Catalina Island Califronia Quail (C. c. catalinensis), San Quintin California Quail (C. c. plumbea), San Lucas California Quail (C. c. achrustera), Inyo California Quail (C. c. canfieldae), Great Basin California Quail (C. c. orecta), Baja California Quail (C. c. decoloratus) and the Coastal California Quail (C. c. brunnescens).

Range: From British Columbia south through much of Washington and Oregon, their range extends eastward into Idaho and Nevada; along the Pacific Coast in California south through Baja. Has been introduced into parts of eastern Washington, Utah and California. Successfully introduced to all main islands of Hawaii, where it has become a popular game bird. Introduced to central Chile in the 1870s where it has expanded its range and is now quite common.

Habitat: The large range covers many distinctive habitats. They are found in they dry, scrub area in the south portion of their range, north through grasslands and orchards to the very wet Pacific Northwest.

Status in Wild: Common

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1-2, Bruce Craig; 3-4, Jim Kavanagh.


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