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Chinese Painted Quail
(Coturnix chinensis)

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The tiny Chinese Painted Quail, widely known as the Button Quail, is one of the most widely kept and smallest of all game bird species. They are popular with cage and aviary bird enthusiasts, who use this species to "clean-up" seed spilled by hookbills or finches. You will also see this species in many pet stores, perhaps due to their small, cute size, they are very popular as pet birds.

Scientific Information

Other Names: Asian Blue Quail, Blue-breasted or King Quail


Range: India and southern China south through Indonesia into New Guinea and northeast Australia


Status in Wild: Little is known of their habits and status in the wild.

cline01 (1K)
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(l to r): 1-2, Dan Cowell.

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cline01 (1K)

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