Green Pheasant

(Phasianus versicolor)

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Phasianus versicolor

John Gould (1804-1881)
The Birds of Asia.

Scientific Information

Other Names: Japanese Pheasant, Versicolor Pheasant

Subspecies: Three: Southern Green Pheasant (P. versicolor versicolor), Pacific Green Pheasant (P. v. tamensis), Northern Green Pheasant (P. v. robustipes).

Range: Japan; introduced to the Hawaiian Islands and western Europe.

Habitat: Light wooded areas near cultivated lands and meadows.

Status in Wild: Green Pheasants are still common in Japan and is the most popular game bird in that country. Laws forbid the release of Phasianus colchicus in most areas of Japan. The Green Pheasant rarely comes into contact with Japan's other endemic pheasant, the Copper Pheasant, but there have been a few reports of hybrids in the wild.

The introduced populations on Hawaii are stable, but also shares habitat and range with Phasianus colchicus. Populations in western Europe have perhaps bred with Phasianus colchicus for a number of years and no pure versicolor exist there any longer. This species has been crossed with Phasianus colchicus on some game farms in North America and released, but it is also highly unlikely that there are any pure versicolor in the wild here as well.

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Northern Green Pheasant, Phasianus versicolor robustipes

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Photo Credits
1-2, James Pfarr.

Southern Green Pheasant, Phasianus versicolor versicolor

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Photo Credits
1-2, James Pfarr.


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