Copper Pheasant

(Syrmaticus soemmeringii)

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Scintillating Copper Pheasant

Syrmaticus soemmeringii scintillans
Photo by Hans-Olof Axgren

Scientific Information

Other Names: Soemmering's Pheasant

Subspecies: Scintillating Copper (S. s. scintillans) northern and central Honshu; Shikoku Copper (S. s. intermedius) southwestern Honshu and Shikoku; Pacific Copper (S. s. subrufus) southeastern Honshu and southwestern Shikoku; Soemmering's Copper (S. s. soemmeringii) northern and central Kyushu; Ijima Copper (S. s. ijimae) southeastern Kyushu.

Range: Japan see above for subspecies distribution

Habitat: Coniferous and mixed forests.

Status in Wild: As a species, the Copper Pheasant was once very common, but overhunting has decreased the the population significantly. Listed as Near Threatened by BirdLife International. The Ijima and Pacific races seem to be the most vulnerable of the subspecies due to their limited range.

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Scintillating Copper Pheasant, Syrmaticus soemmerringii scintillans

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Photo Credits
1-3, Roman Kmicikewycz.

Ijima Copper Pheasant, Syrmaticus soemmerringii ijimae

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Photo Credits
1, Roman Kmicikewycz; 3, Jeff Berger


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