Kalij Pheasant

(Lophura leucomelanos)

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White-crested Kalij Male

Lophura leucomelanos hamiltoni
Photo by Myles Lamont

Scientific Information

Other Names:

Subspecies: Nine were recognized by Delacour, but two races L. l. lineata andL. l. crawfurdi, are sometimes considered races of the Silver Pheasant L. nycthemera.

White-crested Kalij (L. l. hamiltoni), western Himalayas to extreme western Nepal; Nepal Kalij (L. l. leucomelanos), endemic to Nepal; Black-backed Kalij (L. l. melanota), northwest India and western Bhutan; Black Kalij (L. l. moffitti), range uncertain, believed to be central Bhutan; Black-breasted or Horsfield's Kalij (L. l. lathami), eastern Bhutan and northeastern India east to Burma (Myanmar); William's Kalij (L. l. williamsi), western Burma; Oates' Kalij (L. l. oatesi), southern Burma; Lineated Kalij (L. l. lineata), eastern Burma, northwestern Thailand; Crawfurd's Kalij (L. l. crawfurdi), southeastern Burma, southwestern Thailand.

Range: See above

Habitat: Varied; from mountainous forests to lowland cultivated lands and forests, depending on race.

Status in Wild: As a species, they are considered safe and unthreatened. The races in the west are common in most areas, the eastern races are considered vulnerable.

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Lineated Kalij, Lophura leucomelanos lineata

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Photo Credits
1-2, Roman Kmicikewycz; 3-5, Dan Cowell; 6-8, Bud & RoxAnn Riggs.

Crawfurd's Kalij, Lophura leucomelanos crawfurdi

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Photo Credits
1-2, Dan Cowell.

White-crested Kalij, Lophura leucomelanos hamiltoni

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Photo Credits
1-2, Myles Lamont


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