Red Junglefowl

(Gallus gallus)

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Red Junglefowl, Gallus gallus

Gallus gallus
Photo by Tom Condon

Additional Information

Breeding Season: Typically, March through June.

Breeding Age:

Clutch Size: 5-6

Incubation Period:: 18-21 days

Description - Male:

Description - Female:

Status in Captivity: Red Junglefowl in the pure, wild form are still rather uncommon in captivity. There are thousands of birds that can be claimed as Red Junglefowl, but there are only a few that are the pure subspecies without any interbreeding from domestics or within the races. There is now a studbook for this species and many breeders are also having their bird's DNA tested for purity.

Misc Notes:

Interesting Facts: Is the ancestor of all domestic chickens.

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