Edward's Pheasant

(Lophura edwardsi)

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Lophura edwardsi
Photo by John Corder

Scientific Information

Other Names: Annam Pheasant; hatinhensis - Hatinhensis Pheasant, Vo Quy's Pheasant, Vietnamese Fireback

Subspecies: A possible race is the Vietnamese Pheasant L. e. hatinhensis. hatinhensis has a more northern range than edwardsi, which occurs to the south in north-central Vietnam and found in dense coastal-plain forests. DNA studies are ongoing to determine if the Hatinhensis is indeed a subspecies, a true species or perhaps even an inbred population of Edward's Pheasants.

Range: Central Vietnam.

Habitat: Forests

Status in Wild: Believed extinct for several decades, was recently re-discovered in the forests of central Vietnam. Listed as critically endangered. Hatinhensis is considered endangered.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Roman Kmicikewycz; 2-6, Dan Cowell.


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