White Eared-Pheasant

(Crossoptilon crossoptilon)

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Crossoptilon crossoptilon
Photo by Scott Vowers

Scientific Information

Other Names: See the specific subspecies.

Subspecies: There are four subspecies generally recognized, their geographical/common names: Szechuan C. c. crossoptilon, Dolan's C. c. dolani, Tibetan or Drouyni C. c. drouyni, Yunnan C. c. lichiangense. The Harman's Eared-Pheasant C. harmani, sometimes classed as a subspecies.

Subspecies Variation: C. c. crossoptilon - Pure white chin, rest of body off-white, wing coverts tinged with gray; primaries dark gray to brown. C. c. lichiangense - Much like crossoptilon, but wings are lighter gray. C. c. drouyni - Whitest of the races, there is some light gray on the mantle; wings are white. C. c. dolani - Ashy gray overall with a white belly; wings are pale gray.

Range: China, from southeastern Tibet and western Szechuan, southern Qinghai, northwestern Yunnan.

Habitat: Rocky hillsides in coniferous forests, also in mixed forests in summer to the snow line.

Status in Wild: Vulnerable, habitat loss and hunting has taken toll in many areas of range. However, the range is quite large and it is possible there are stable and locally common populations in some regions.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Roman Kmicikewycz; 2, Francy Hermans; 3-4, Scott Vowers; 5-7, Dan Cowell.


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