Great Argus

(Argusianus argus)

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Great Argus

Argusianus argus
Photo by Tim Matthews

Scientific Information

Other Names: Argus Pheasant, Argus

Subspecies: There are living two subspecies, the Malaysian Great Argus (A. a. argus) can be found in Malaysia and Sumatra and the Bornean Great Argus (A. a. grayi) found on Borneo. A. a. bipunctatus is known only from a portion of a primary feather of uncertain origin. Believed to be extinct and was found on Tioman Island off the Malay Peninsula.


Habitat: Forests, from sea-level to 4,000 feet.

Status in Wild: Listed as a CITES II, vulnerable species, the primary threat to survival is habitat destruction. Believed to be in good numbers on the Malay Peninsula and on Borneo, but the Sumatran population is in rapid decline.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Kim Wanders; 2, Matt Tuttle; 3, Myles Lamont; 4, Jan Harteman; 5-10, Peter Stubbs.


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