Western Capercaillie

(Tetrao urogallus)

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Tetrao urogallus
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Scientific Information

Other Names: Capercaillie, Eurasian Capercaillie, Capercailzie, Auerhan Grouse, Auerhoen (Dutch), Auerhuhn (German), Glukhar (Russian), Grand Tetras (French)

Subspecies: Tetrao urogallus urogallus, Northern Capercaillie - Scotland (re-introduced), Scandinavia east to northwestern Siberia; T. u. aquitanicus, Pyrenees Capercaillie - Pyrenees region in France & Spain; T. u. cantabricus, Cantabrian Capercaillie - Cantabrian Mountains in northern Spain; T. u. major - Germany, western Belarus, the Balkans, Macedonia and Bulgaria; T.u. kureikensis - Northern Russia; T. u. volgensis - Central and southeastern Russia; T. u. uralensis - West-central Russia; T. u. taczanowskii - Siberian Capercaillie, Central Siberia, eastern Kazakhstan and northwestern Mongolia.

Range: Northern Europe, Asia, France, Spain, Scotland.

Habitat: Coniferous forests, cantabricus inhabits broadleaf and mixed forests.

Status in Wild: Stable in many areas of large range, but decreasing and vulnerable to habitat loss in western and central Europe.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1-4, Francois Bernar; 5, Jan Harteman.


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