American Spruce Grouse

(Falcipennis canadensis)

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Falcipennis canadensis
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Scientific Information

Other Names: Taiga Grouse, Spotted Grouse, Canada Grouse, Wood Grouse, Tyee Grouse, Spruce Partridge, Swamp Partridge, Cedar Partridge, Black Partridge, Franklin's Grouse franklinii; Dendragapus canadensis, Canachites canadensis

Subspecies: Falcipennis canadensis candadensis - Hudsonian Spruce Grouse, Alaksa east throughout Canada to Labrador; F. c. altratus - Valdez Spruce Grouse, coastal region of southern Alaska; F. c. canace - Canada Spruce Grouse, southeastern Canada and north central and northeastern United States - including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine; F. c. franklinii - Franklin's Spruce Grouse - extreme southeastern Alaska through British Columbia, western Albera, south into Washington, Idaho, Montana and northwestern Wyoming.

Range: Much of Canada and northern USA (including Alaska).

Habitat: Coniferous forests.

Status in Wild: Stable.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1-2, Francois Bernar; 3-8, Dan Snyder.


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