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Dusky Grouse
(Dendragapus obscurus)

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The Blue Grouse was recently split into two species, the coastal Sooty Grouse Dendragapus fuliginosus and the interior Dusky Grouse Dendragapus obscurus. Details from the AOU, - Forty-seventh Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-list of North American Birds.

Scientific Information

Other Names: Blue Grouse, Mountain Grouse, Richardson's Grouse

Subspecies: D. o. richardsonii, D. o. obscurus, D. o. pallidus and D. o. oreinus.

Range: Rocky Mountains, from the southern Yukon and Northern British Columbia, south the Northern Arizona and western New Mexico.

Habitat: Montane forests and grasslands.

Status in Wild: Still considered to be fairly common throughout its range.

cline01 (1K)
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(l to r): 1-2, Kenneth Bader; 3-5, Dan Synder

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cline01 (1K)

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