Chinese Bamboo Partridge

(Bambusicola thoracica)

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Bambusicola thoracica
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Additional Information

Breeding Season: Begins late April-early May.

Breeding Age:

Clutch Size: 7 to 9

Incubation Period:: 18 days.

Description - Male:

Description - Female:

Status in Captivity: The Chinese subspecies is well established in captivity.

Misc Notes: The Chinese Bamboo-Partridge is smaller and more delicate than most other partridge species kept in captivity. They are tropical and need protection from freezing weather. Although attractive and well established, this species is not recommended for the beginner.

The chicks are tricky to raise. In the wild, the hen will offer food to the little chicks from her beak, so in captivity, they have a hard time to learn to eat on their own. You will have to encourage them to start eating with the help of a teacher, usually a similar sized chick, or you can use mealworms and offer them with your fingers. Watch the birds carefully and make sure they are getting enough.

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