Chinese Bamboo Partridge

(Bambusicola thoracica)

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Bambusicola thoracica
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Scientific Information

Other Names:

Subspecies: Chinese Bamboo-Partridge B. t. thoracica and Taiwan Bambo-Partridge B. t. sonorivox

Range: Eastern China, Taiwan; introduced to Japan and attempted introductions to Hawaii.

Habitat: Despite its common name, the Bamboo-Partridge inhabits a variety of forests, not just bamboo.

Brief Description: The sexes of this species are similar, with the female being slightly smaller. They have a bright rufous throat and face; gray above the eye and extending to the base of the neck. The breast and back is mottled with black, buff and chestnut; black spots on flanks and underparts. sonorivox is darker with chestnut spots on flanks.

Status in Wild: Considered common in many areas of its range.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1-2, Carl Garnham; 3-4, Peter Stubbs.


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