Red-legged Partridge

(Alectoris rufa)

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Alectoris rufa
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Additional Information

Breeding Season: April to June.

Breeding Age: First year.

Clutch Size: 10 to 12

Incubation Period:: 23 days

Description - Male: The plumage of both sexes are similar to other members of the genus. This species has a white forehead and a broken black line on the neck and throat which distinguishes them from the other Alectoris species. The flanks are also more barred with brown and buff, mixed with white. The males have small spurs and are slightly larger than the females.

Description - Female: See above.

Status in Captivity: The French subspecies was once quite common in American aviculture, but has declined in recent years. Still relatively common in aviaries overseas.

Misc Notes: This species is hardy and easy to keep in captivity. Some feel that they are a better game bird than the chukar, since they prefer a more grassland like habitat. Some game bird preserves have crossed them with Chukars for release.

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