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Hungarian Partridge
(Perdix perdix)

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Grey Partridge

Perdix perdix
Photo by Bruce Craiq

Scientific Information

Other Names: Grey Partridge, Hun, English Partridge, Bohemian Partridge, European Partridge.

Subspecies: P. p. perdix, P. p. hispaniensis, P. p. armoricana, P. p. sphagnetorum, P. p. lucida, P. p. canescens and P. p. robusta.

Range: Great Britain, Northern Spain, France and Italy east through Europe into Turkey, Russia and western Siberia. Introduced throughout the world and well established in the United States.

Habitat: Prefers open areas, farmlands and brush.

Status in Wild: Common in the original range; declining in the US.

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Photo Credits
(l to r): 1, Mark Wagoner; 2-4, Jan Harteman; 5, François Lapointe.

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cline01 (1K)

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