Black Francolin

(Francolinus francolinus)

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Francolinus francolinus
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Scientific Information

Other Names: Black Partridge, Indian Francolin

Subspecies: Six according to Johnsgard: Francolinus francolinus francolinus, F. f. arabistanicus, F. f. henrici, F. f. asiae, F. f. bogdanovi, and F. f. melanonotus. It is believed that the subspecies kept in American aviaies is the asiae which is native to western India.

Range: Southern Asia, from Cyprus and the Caspian region east through India; once found in southern Europe west into Spain, has now been re-established in central Italy. Has been introduced and established on four of the Hawaiian Islands and Guam. Has also been introduced into Louisiana and southern Florida, but their numbers are very low.

Habitat: Varied, prefers areas of thick vegetation, usually near water.

Status in Wild: As mentioned, the Black Francolin once had a broad range from Spain east to India, now has been eliminated from most of Europe and is threatened in Russia and in Cyprus. The status in Asia has not been well documented. Where it has been introduced on Hawaii, it is now thriving and is a game species; the status in Louisiana and Florida is not known at this time.

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